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If you are not getting results from your training then check you are following these habits before looking for quick fixes.

1 – Eat Protein at each meal

1 palm size for women 2 palms for a man as a starting point. Protein helps build muscle and keeps you full. Rotate choices. Use poultry, red meat, game, eggs, fish. Better quality means better results.

2 – Eat vegetables at each meal

2 – 3 handfuls. You know this makes sense. Fibre helps maintain a healthy digestive system and fills you up. Vitamins and minerals keep your body functioning the way it should. Fat and healthy are 2 word that don’t go together. Keep the vegetables low glycemic load and same with fruits. Only Eat energy dense carbohydrates post workout.

3  – Eat Healthy Fat at each meal

This fills you up. Healthy cells, healthy brain, hormone production. Go for nuts and seeds, organic butter, coconut oil, olive oil, avocado. Low fat diets are a hormone disaster. Do it for too long and you’re asking for depression.

4 – Eat 3 meals a day

Going longer between meals gives your digestive system a chance to recover and will sort your hormones out. Try it.

5 – Don’t eat after 6

Growth Hormone. Give your digestion a chance and let growth hormone do it’s work while you sleep.

6 – Sleep 7-8 hours a night

No Brainer. You know this. Sleep deprivation makes you more insulin resistant and crave sugary junk foods. Go to bed earlier if you want to be lean. Turn off the TV, laptop and phone and make your bedroom like a cave.

7 – Train at least 3 hours a week

Any less than this and you won’t see results. Strength training and metabolic conditioning is best for the rise in metabolism but do what you enjoy.

8 – Food prep at least once  week

Fail to prepare – prepare to fail. Cook lots on a Sunday and put it in the fridge for the week. Chop lot of vegetables and make eating healthy easy and convenient.

9 – Take a multivitamin

Back up your fruit and veg intake with a multivitamin. Buy what you can afford. Vitamins make your body work better – that includes fat burning.

10 – Take fish oil

Turn on the fat burning hormones. Help with mood and motivation. Helps with cravings. Take 1 gram for every % of bodyfat. Go for quaility if your budget allows it. Build up your omega 3 to omega 6 ratio.


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