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As summer is fast approaching, I’m guessing many of you out there are now regretting not sticking to your new year’s resolution to shape up and shift that unwanted body fat that kept you warm in the winter but won’t feel as cosy in these upcoming weeks leading into the holiday season.

I have put together a Beach Body circuit that can be performed by anyone, any age at any fitness ability! Just stick to your individual level if you are just starting out but always take the challenge and push yourself – that is when you will see the results you want and deserve!

Below is a bodyweight circuit. It is intended to increase your cardiovascular fitness along with increasing your strength and improve your stamina. Depending on your fitness regime and ability, the circuit can be performed at least three to four times per week with at least a 24 hour rest period in between. This can also be peroformed in conjunction with your own training, healthy diet and lifestyle in order to boost your fitness level.

The circuit has been divided into three separate levels;

Beginners should stick to level one. You should perform the whole level in full with a 60 second rest period before you perform the level again a further two times.

Intermediate fitness level should complete level one and level two. If you find it is too difficult to carry on to level three, after finishing level two you should repeat it again with a 45 second rest period in between each level.

Athletes should complete the whole circuit from level one right through to level three. Each level should contain a 30-45 second rest interval in-between each.

Each exercise should last 60 seconds.

Level 1

  1. Squat
  2. Russian Twist
  3. Alternating Lunge – Forward
  4. Press up
  5. Plank

30 seconds – high knees, straight into 30 seconds – heel flicks

Level 2

  1. Forward alternating lunge with rotation of the torso
  2. Dead bug
  3. Spiderman press up
  4. Mountain climbers
  5. Bicycle crunch
  6. Plank – one arm off the floor

45 seconds – high knees, straight into 15 seconds –  heel flicks

Level 3

  1. Squat thrust
  2. Jump squat
  3. Tricep push up
  4. Burpees
  5. Explosive jumping jacks
  6. Propulsion lunges
  7. Plank – one arm/one leg off the floor

60 seconds high knees

Each level increases by one exercise every time as the rest period decreases making it a tough circuit to complete but a massive calorie burner!

Ready, set…. Feel the burn!

Rayner Jordan – Women’s fitness specialist

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