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The dark nights are upon us and its getting chilly. Try this session plan in the gym to boost your energy levels and warm you up on a cool winters day. It will take you about an hour to complete, targeting all the main systems and muscles in the body giving you a complete all over body workout.

Warm up:

Upright bike, 5 minutes. Level 4-6. Just enough resistance and speed to feel the legs working and your heart b
eating a bit quicker.

Main cardiovascular:

Treadmill intervals, 12 minutes, incline at 2-3%
2 minutes at a comfortable jog
1 minute sprint
1 minute comfortable jog
Repeat above until 12 minutes is up.

If you don’t feel quite ready for some fast running on the treadmill, try brisk walking at first and using a comfortable jog or increasing the incline as your higher intensity minute.


All exercises are 3 sets of 12 repetitions.

Legs – forward lunges with dumbbells.

…start standing tall with feet hip width apart. Hold the dumbbells to your side as a dead weight, lunge one leg in front of the other and bend so the rear knee aims to touch the floor. Bring back up to the starting position and swap to the other leg. Perform 6 on each leg to complete your set.

Back – lateral pull down

…start on a weight you know you are capable of, you can always alter it if need be. Stand and widely grip the bar of the machine, as you sit bring the bar down, lean slightly backwards and bring the bar down towards your chest. Release the arms back up slowly and controlled. Repeat.

Chest – Swiss ball chest presses

… Organ yourself some dumbbells and a Swiss ball. Sit n the Swiss ball with the dumbbells held into your chest
. Roll yourself forward until your hips are off the ball and the top of your back and neck are resting on the ball, make sure your glute muscles are squeezed and hips are so your body is straight and in line. Raise the dumbbells up above your head in front of you and lower your arms to the side and in line with your shoulders into a 90o angle. Press back up and repeat for 12.

Biceps – seated bicep curl

…keep your Swiss ball and sit on top of it with dumbbells in either hand. This exercise will work your bicep muscles but the added use of the Swiss ball will bring in some instability to work those core muscles. Keep the elbows tucked into the side of you and your hands down to the is with palms facing away from you. Curl up your forearm towards your shoulder on both arms, repeat for 12.

Triceps – tricep push down

… find the cable jungle section in your gym. Use the small bar and make sure it starts about in line with your shoulder. Keep the elbows time into your side and push the bad down to about waist height keeping the elbows tucked in. Bring back up to about in line with your chest and lush straight back down.


– crunches
…lie down with feet flat on the floor and knees up towels the ceiling. Put your hands to rest on your temples or in a cross across your chest. Look up at the ceiling and crunch up, engaging the tummy muscles as your lift. Keep your shoulders off the floor and lower back down.

– plank
…lie face down on the floor. Bring your elbows to rest underneath your shoulders with forearms flat on the floor. Lift yourself up so you are just touching the floor with your toes and your forearms. This exercise works the whole core, make sure your body is in a straight line. No sagging or arched up hips! Hold for as long as you can…3 times.

Cool down:

Bike 5 minutes level 4-5 steady speed


Perform some basic stretches for 8-10 seconds each on all of the used muscle groups to help prevent aching and to maintain and increase flexibility whilst the muscles are still warm.

Well done!!


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