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Hello everyone, this week I’d like everybody to get involved any gender, any age, any fitness level and all abilities. I would like to know whether you’re a solo artist or a team member all the way.

I have decided to discuss the differences between group exercise and individual training. They both have their benefits and each method works best for different people. A lot of people love the atmosphere of a group exercise class whereas others like to accomplish workouts that are specifically tailored to meet their needs.

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Group training is favoured by thousands of people across the world. Some of the leading exercise professionals such as Les Mills and Zumba have stormed the globe and classes can be found in most licensed gyms and health clubs. Exercising amongst others can also prove daunting to some as getting a sweat on whilst trying to look presentable can be quite difficult.

A personal favourite reason to get involved in group training is the motivational aspect of it. We all have an inner warrior inside, whether that is to finish the marathon, lift that one extra rep or work to deadlines, we all have a passion for something in life. I feel that training together in a group only drives us to success even more than training alone. The other people you exercise with will provide a source of built-in motivation. When you feel the urge to quit, your exercise partners provide the motivation to continue. The sense of a secret rivalry at the fact that they are continuing to plough on through, will make you question yourself and within a matter of seconds, you suddenly find the inner strength to accomplish what you set out to do.

Leading nicely on is the next big benefit that can be found from group training and that is Commitment. As group training is typically scheduled at certain times. One reason for this is so that participants can feel a sense of commitment by being punctual and attending regular classes. Once one has become a regular attendant, people build bonds with the other members of the class. These can turn into relationships which will then commit you to turn up every week as your exercise partners will expect you to show up.

As society now lives through social media websites, mobile phones, Email and so on, group training is a great way to get out a talk to people face to face. The Socialization aspect is something that can’t be taken away and the only form of communication when participating in group training is to talk to each other. As everybody is going through the same thing, it gives everyone something in common. This may serve as the foundation for long-lasting friendships in and outside the gym. It gives people the time to catch up and enjoy the company of the other participants.

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For some this may be their number one choice. The thought of exercising amongst others may not interest those who prefer to crack on with the workout in hand. As it may seem lonely and boring, to those serious about working out, going solo is the only way.

As health and fitness is now a priority for most of us, with obesity on the rise and organic natural produce seeming less and less as fast food restaurants and convenience processed food are so near to our reach, more and more of us are starting to realise the abuse we put our bodies through every day. Life now is very different to how it was thousands of years ago. There were no additives, no E numbers, no sweeteners, no artificial flavourings or colourings and certainly no machines that are used to mechanically process a high percentage of what goes into the diet that most humans consume daily. Without deviating too much, another method of training that is now very popular is enlisting the help of your very own personal trainer. This can prove extremely beneficial to those who wouldn’t like to join in a class, but who need advice in order to get the full benefits out of their training regime.

The ability to also work at your own pace is great for those who like to take their time. No workout should be rushed neither dragged out, but by having the freedom to train when you want may be better for those who may lead busy lives with alternating shift patterns.

Another great reason to train alone, if this method is better suited to you, is distractions are minimal. Training solo means no chit chat, no complaining. I find by putting in a pair of headphones and selecting some of your favourite motivational songs will not only boost your confidence and give you the motivation to train hard but will also make interruptions less of an issue. If people see you are listening to music, they are less likely to bother you whilst you work out.

So there you have it. The lists could go on and on but I just wanted to highlight a few main reason to why both training methods should be considered. Like I mentioned in the beginning of this article, please get in touch and let me know what way you like to train best and why.

Rayner Jordan – Women’s fitness specialist

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