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I joined Faultless Fitness just before Christmas in 2016; I had recently become engaged, which served as a catalyst for getting my body and overall health back on track.

I always tried to be as active as possible – walking, cycling, climbing etc (I got engaged at the summit of Ben Nevis! ) however, moving from a job where I was on my feet all the time to in an office definitely took its toll! I found I was getting out of breath a lot easier on walks and cycling and my stamina in climbing had considerably dropped. More worrying was a consistent pain I was getting in my hip when doing anything slightly physically demanding; I had dislocated my hip when I was 14 and again at 24 and with my added weight gain it was starting to become a real issue.

The attention, support and wealth of knowledge I received from Faultless Fitness from the get-go was incredible  As someone who suffers from anxiety the environment with which I was presented was fantastic; I had struggled with ‘standard’ gyms as being in a room full of strangers doing exercise was a definite trigger for my anxiety (thinking people are watching, needing help, not really knowing what I was doing, etc) and I was never successful in maintaining a lifestyle that included the gym. The fact that Faultless has a maximum number of people allowed to each session with the attention of often more than one educated and committed member of staff has made the world of difference.

Now, I am someone who tends to lack a little bit of discipline, and I have ‘fallen off the wagon’ a couple of times since joining, but one of the best things about FF is that the support and commitment offered doesn’t stop when you leave after your workout – it carries on out the door. The team checked in on me often and made sure that I was not only looking after my physical health but my mental health as well – meaning it may have been a slow journey but it has been positive and full of progress (slow progress is still progress!) with me returning even more committed each time.

I have lost weight, lost fat and gained muscle – I am no longer obsessed by the number on the scales but focused on my overall health and wellbeing. Although it is nice seeing the scales go down, this for me is now a great extra and not my overall goal. I have moved from someone who just wanted to be smaller/weigh less to someone who wanted to have a better quality of life and now to someone who is actively looking at physical events to take part and compete in – something I never even imagined I could do! In the summer I competed in a small 5k run and an obstacle course, and then in September entered and trained to compete in Tough Mudder – an 11-mile race with many physically demanding obstacles! With my health and fitness the way it was a year ago I could never believe I could have entered such a race – yet here I am! I not only entered, but tackled every obstacle head on, and completed TM tired but with a massive smile on my face!

If it was not for Faultless Fitness I would not be able to do half the things I am doing today and would have never have known I would be someone who enjoys competing in physically demanding events and sports – with the added bonus that I have dropped dress sizes and am entering dress shopping for the wedding full of confidence rather than dread. I also have a new goal of being able to deadlift my fiancé by the time our wedding comes round!


Thank you Team Faultless!

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