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Do you keep going through the same process of developing motivation to reach your next fitness goals, following a new exercise programme for a few weeks and… then…your get up and go, has got up and gone?!

Exercise programmes usually slip throughout summer for many people. Its time to jet off on a plane for sun, sea and cocktails, the beer gardens are open, ice cream vans are out in force and for many, there are 6 weeks of school holiday to entertain children in…routines slip.

Now that summer is closing, it is time to dig back out your jogging bottoms, dust off your trainers and get that motivation back. Surely the action packed summer of the Olympic and Paralympics games have inspired you to get moving?! Try something new, get a fresh workout and most importantly make sure it’s something you enjoy – that way you’re more likely to stick at it!

Here are some suggestions to get you going…

1. Try/join an exercise class – Nowadays there are plenty of classes available for all abilities and genders to try out and now they are more accessible than ever. School sports halls, leisure centres, village halls are all being hired out for professionals to instruct anything from Circuits to Zumba. They cost a few quid, run weekly and are great way to meet new people. If you have a gym membership, try a group exercise class that you have never done before. Classes are great to get involved in and you know you will be motivated to workout for the duration of the class without having to think of a session to follow yourself.

2. Go for a run/walk – make the most of these light evenings before the dark ones are upon us. Find yourself a route near your home that lasts about 20 minutes and gradually build it up and improve the time. You will be surprised how much your fitness increases and how good you feel after it. There are now many apps on smart phones that will calculate your distance, time and calories to help motivate you and push you next time you go. Find a local running group to help get you started or to develop you a bit more.

3. Train with a partner – having someone with you whether it is to go to the gym, attend a class or go for a walk or run will encourage you to go every time. You will not want to let your partner down and you will keep each other going til the end. If you go to the gym together, ask your instructor to show you some exercises you can do as partners. Have fun and get fit together!

4. Personal Training – if you have a spare bit of cash each month why not invest in a personal training session. Sessions can cost anything from £20 upwards for about 1 hour with a highly skilled and knowledgeable trainer.  They will sit and have a friendly chat about what you want to achieve, take your body measurements and take you through a motivating exercise session tailored to you and your fitness goals. Personal trainers can be found in your local gym or find a freelance trainer who could come to your home or show you some outdoor fitness. If you can’t afford several sessions, why not have one every 4-6 weeks to learn some new fitness ideas, get some advice on how to reach your goals and use it as your programme until your next session.

5. Head to the park – With cycle tracks and walking paths being improved and becoming more accessible, there is no excuse if you have one nearby. Take your children for a walk, out on their bikes or even just walk the dog. There are also many walking, running or boot camp fitness groups taking place in local parks for all to get involved in. Great to get some fresh air and boost your fitness at the same time.

6. Exercise at home – not feeling confident about exercising in public just yet? How about investing in some home equipment such as a Swiss ball, skipping rope, dumbbells or even an exercise DVD. All of these are easy to come by and inexpensive to buy making it easy to have a quick workout in the comfort of your own home with your own music or even your favourite television  programme! There are also fitness channels available on the television, if you have a spare hour during the day, why not flick over and have a go?

Give one of the above a go and make a promise to yourself. We are now on the countdown to the ‘C’ word (I won’t say it out loud just yet!) so use this period as your goal to refresh and reassess ready for 2013!

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