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Let’s face it, eating healthily and balancing our weight in the right way is tricky this time of year. Your colleagues are bringing mince pies to the office, customers are dropping off boxes of chocolates and you’re adding another Christmas get together to your diary next week. Wouldn’t it be great if you could just enjoy all of these guilt free? Well do it!! Earn those Christmas calories!!!

Make sure you don’t become one of those people who see the approaching new year as the next start date to get into your gym routine. Keep at it as much as you can over Christmas to help avoid a big calorie splurge and the piling on of the Christmas pounds. If you want that mince pie….have it! Just know that your average mince pie has around 250 calories in which could take up to 40 minutes to burn on a stationary bike at a moderate pace. So if you don’t have time to head to the gym to burn those extra calories off, make sure you don’t exceed your daily allowance of calories…..or don’t have your mince pie?!
Christmas top tips
1. Get your gym routine updated now. There is no need to wait until the new year, the pounds are piling on so keep them at bay by keeping your exercise up. By getting a new routine you will feel more motivated to go and try it out. Ask your instructor to put something new in for you to try that will keep you interested.
2. Keep a food diary. Keep track of what you are eating this Christmas as seeing it what you have eaten everyday on paper may help you to realise how much extra you are nibbling on …making you think about whether you really need or want another chocolate.
3. Don’t just eat it because its there, eat it because you want it …
4. Dance lots at the Christmas party!! Have fun and burn off some of the calories at the same time. Show your boss how to “gangnam style” properly!!!
5. Be the designated driver (so others can drink while you drive) as much as you can as this will help avoid those excess calories from drinking. A 250ml glass of rose wine can contain around 175 calories. So if you have 3-4 of those you have had a meal worth of calories in a few drinks.
6. If it isn’t your turn to drive, go for the lighter option in alcohol. Spirits such as gin and vodka are low in calories and with tonic water they become a much better option. Add flavour to them with a few slices of fruit. If you prefer wine, enjoy with soda to bring the calorie levels down…they will last just as long!
7. Get into an exercise class. They become fun at this time of year when people get in the festive spirit. Instructors may add some fun with christmassy themed classes full of festive music, hats and reindeer antlers and you may find a new class you enjoy to stick at in the new year.
8. Make time to relax!! Christmas can be a busy time of years so as well as making room to keep active in your schedule, making sure there is abit of “me” time is just as important for good health.
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