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Health Transformation System

Transform your health, body and mind with our industry leading system, utilising strength & conditioning, exercise physiology and advanced nutrition to help you easily reach your goals. 

Getting you on your feet with health and performance

In-House System

Interested in joining the only system in the industry that amalgamated true group personal training, strength and conditioning principles, advanced sports nutrition and behavioural psychology to smash your results in a cost-effective way?

Online System

Interested in getting all of the benefits of the industry breaking system but unable to visit us in person? My original system was developed over 8 years as a fully incorporated in-person system. This year we cracked being able to deliver it anywhere in the world.

Your time of constantly starting over is ending…

Unlock Your Full Potential. Say Hello to THE NEW YOU

Something I have always believed is that everyone is an athlete, and that simply living in the modern world is a sport in itself. It doesn’t matter if you are just training to “make it up the stairs”, or whether you are looking to set a personal best in a triathlon, you are still an athlete, and as an athlete, you should be treated like one.

This doesn’t mean putting you in a cheap gym where you pay for a low-level PT to thrash you. No, you deserve much more than that. You deserve to have a plan that is catered to you and your individual needs, incorporating nutrition, psychology, community and physiology to make sure you can get on track and stay there.

Regular health, fitness and strength appraisals to track progress

Degree level coaches and scientists

Group PT sessions with your own coach

Your own specific training plan built for you to succeed

Advanced nutrition framework to elicit guaranteed weight change and definition

Community dubbed the "Faultless Family" by our clients for being so inclusive

Access to our stunning studio based in North Hereford

Goal Setting

From the moment of your first call, we focus on you. My team will talk to you about where you are now with your health and fitness, and what you want to achieve. We will help you set goals and determine your motivations to make sure that we can keep you going when times get tough.

Structured Exercise Program

All of our clients are given their own personalised program, we don’t run classes where everyone does the same thing, because you’re all different! Your program will cater to your specific goals and fitness levels, so that you can start to enjoy exercise and achieve real and sustainable progress.

Advanced Nutrition Framework

Changing what you eat can be a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. Our Advanced Nutrition Framework allows you to make small changes that are sustainable, achievable, and most importantly, will get you the results you’re looking for. 

Regular Health & Fitness Appraisals

After 5 years of success, I know our systems work. You however, may not! So it is important to us that at week 1, 5 and then every 12 weeks thereafter, we track your strength, fitness and biometrics to make sure you know your program is working and that you’re seeing progress.

What Happens next?

I always enjoy this question. It doesn’t mater how many buttons or forms or pages we put on our website, every 3 months I will get someone saying they were going to join but because they didn’t know what the process involved they waited longer – instead of pressing the button to get in touch and finding out!

So here is a little explainer of everything you will do in the first 4 weeks of joining…

1. Discovery Call

It all starts here. This is the moment where you make the decision to answer your phone. You will have submitted your details to us and we will call you back as soon as there is either a space or we are out of sessions.

In this call, we will ask you about what is motivating you to get in touch, about your personal health and medical history, your training history and any medications you take.

We will also run you through the programs that are most applicable to you and make sure you understand the prices. Once you have decided on moving forward we set up your account for you and away you go!

2. Health and Fitness Appraisal

At this point, we will get you in a couple of times in week 1. We will do a testing battery we use to figure out where you are currently at. This involves looking at your weight and body fat, strength of different muscle groups and then your cardiovascular fitness (amongst some other things).

All of this is done safely by either myself or my assistant coaches. When we have this we will be able to figure out what level you are at and then stratify you into different difficulties to make sure everything we prescribe is safe and specific to you.

Due to COVID-19, we will also have your faultless fitness masks available for you to pick up at this point. This enables us to keep the gym extra safe and limit the risk of picking up an infection

3. Program Periodisation

Once we have your test results in we start work on figuring out what level we should start you at. This involves a multidisciplinary meeting with our strength and conditioning coach, sports therapist and sports scientist to make sure that everyone is in agreeance about what we are going to do with you going forward.

If necessary, if we need outside opinion we will refer you to your doctors to make sure we have all the information available and required.

Together we build your plan for you and make sure everything is ready for your next 4 weeks.  

4. Risk Reduction Starts

We will have downloaded the programming to the app on your phone and you will be able to see everything you are going to be doing for the week before you even come in.

You can book the essions for the week ahead of time and then when you show up to your PT sessions our coaches will take you through your specific workout program. In order to minimise costs for you, your session will be with up to 7 other people around you working on their own programs.

The first 4 weeks is all about preparing your body for training to make sure you don’t get injured later on. We start off slow and steady and based on the results we collected in the health and fitness appraisal.

5. Advanced Nutrition System Starts

The advanced nutrition system doesn’t actually start last. It starts when you are ready and is a largely voluntary section of the program.

I used to make this system an immediate start but I found people who were new to exercise just didn’t get into it because they got overwhelmed. So now what we ask you to do, is make a decision on when you feel ready to start and we go from there.

The system itself is simple and easy, to the point where alot of people don’t believe it works – until they start losing lbs and lbs of weight a week.

We run this system in the online community using our app and people can jump in and out of it as they want.

About My Assistant Coach Sian

I started at Faultless Fitness in November 2019 after graduating from Cardiff Metropolitan University in 2019 with a 2:1 in Sports Conditioning, Rehabilitation and Massage. I was especially interested in the Strength & Conditioning and Rehabilitation modules of my degree and am excited to both utilise and develop what I’ve learnt during my time here at Faultless.

As part of my degree, I had the privilege of delivering strength and conditioning sessions to a variety of Team GB swimmers which fuelled my passion in this line of work.

Whilst studying, I played for the university’s first XI hockey team where I was lucky enough to have regular strength and conditioning sessions with the coaches at the uni. This gave me the opportunity to see my degree in a real-life environment and sparked my further interest in health, fitness and strength & conditioning.


Faultless Fitness has been a real learning curve for me from start to finish. I walked in thinking I’d fail at all the tests and feel like I did in any other gym but I couldn’t have been more wrong. I feel grateful to have found the gym when I did and be surrounded by like-minded people.

I had not done any exercise for many years, my HGV medical was coming up & I was worrying that I was going to fail. I spoke to Steve & talking to him was just like I had known him for years. I was a bit apprehensive but every one was so helpful & friendly & still the same today 2 years on – thank you all!

The attention, support and wealth of knowledge I received from Faultless Fitness from the get-go was incredible. I have lost weight, lost fat and gained muscle – I am no longer obsessed by the number on the scales but focused on my overall health and wellbeing.

Other Ways We Can Help

Sports Therapy System

If you’re post surgery, suffering from an injury or have a chronic or acute pain that’s holding you back, then you might benefit from starting your journey with Lucy, our Sports Therapist. The Sports Therapy System is designed to tackle your pain, helping you heal and regain strength and confidence in your body. 

Advanced Nutrition System

We also offer our Advanced Nutrition System as a stand alone product. If you’re not quite ready to commit to starting the gym, you can enrol on the system and start making changes straight away. Our system encourages education so that you understand the “why” behind the advice, helping you make better choices long term.

Personal Training System

Although our Transformation System has everything you could need, you may still want a dedicated coach for 1:1 sessions to give you that kick start. Our coaches are all trained to degree level, so you can be assured that the level of knowledge and care you’ll receive will get you to where you want to be. 

Join a welcoming community like no other, and fall in love with exercise.

 We really love our community of members, they make the atmosphere in the gym a kind, welcoming and happy one. Everyone has their own goals and insecurities when they start, but once you’re through the front door, none of that matters. The magic of Faultless is how much everyone cares about your success – not just your trainers, but the friends you’ll make too. Enjoying the gym is an important part of keeping up motivation and reaching your goals, so having the accountability of trainers and friends waiting to see you is exactly what you need!

We also take part in charity events together throughout the year, helping to strengthen team bonds and show you how far you’ve come with your fitness.

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Discover how the Nash Advanced Nutrition System can unlock your transformation!

Discover how the Nash Advanced Nutrition System can unlock your transformation!

submit your details now to receive all the info you need to get started on our short Advanced nutrition course and 6 months of coaching to get you on track!

Request Received! We will be in touch shortly!

Discover how the Nash4-week Momentum Kickstarter System can boost your confidence and improve your health!

Discover how the Nash4-week Momentum Kickstarter System can boost your confidence and improve your health!

submit your details now to receive all the info you need to get started on our 4-week online bodyweight health and fitness program!

Request Received! We will be in touch shortly!

Discover how the Nash4-week Momentum Kickstarter System can boost your confidence and improve your health!

Discover how the Nash4-week Momentum Kickstarter System can boost your confidence and improve your health!

submit your details now to receive all the info you need to get started on our 4-week online bodyweight health and fitness program!

Request Received! We will be in touch shortly!

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