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I joined Faultless fitness in January 2017, I am a diabetic and at the time my sugar levels were constantly rising and I needed to take control of my life as the next step would have been going onto insulin injections. My check ups at the doctors and my annual eyesight checks were not giving a very positive situation, in fact there was a degeneration in my retina checks.

My wife and I had made a decision to join a gym in the new year. My wife had seen a review and advert on facebook for Faultless Fitness and contacted Steve. She was very impressed with his knowledge and enthusiasm and made an appointment for both of us to see Steve for a talk. We had been to a gym before, but after talking to Steve, the personal touch was what we were looking for.

Although I know I am on long journey, since joining, I feel I have become more motivated to succeed. My sugar levels are more in control, from averaging between 12.5 and 15 before joining the health program, to now being between 7.5 and 9.5. The degeneration in my eye’s has gone, and I definitely feel more fit and much stronger!

My goals now are to lose more weight by concentrating more on my nutrition and to ultimately reduce the medication I am on.

Faultless Fitness is a very friendly welcoming establishment which I feel dedicates itself to help improve people’s lives.

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