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Summer time is approaching my fitness loving brothers and sisters! Many of you who love your body building are getting onto the cutting cycles. Those who achieve all year round fitness just want to start taking your tops off more….maybe that’s just me…..but I digress!

Today I’m looking to supply you with a circuit to add to your training routine. It will be a great conditioning workout that will also help you shift some weights around for an alternative strength workout. The overall goal here is to burn some calories and get your sweat on. If you aren’t puffing, panting and occasionally letting profanities slip out. Step it up!

The circuit works over 3 rounds and depending on your fitness level should take anywhere from 40 to 60 minutes to complete. The scheme is laid out underneath for you to follow.

Examples of all of these exercises can be found on YouTube!

A final note on the weights to use. Don’t just pick up something you know you can throw around for the required reps. Man up and grab a challenge. No exercise programme will work on good intentions; it requires real grit and effort. Don’t worry if the workout is taking longer than you originally planned because you’re struggling to shift the weights, it’s a good thing. They will get easier … and when they do it’s time to reach for an extra couple of KGS!

That’s it, no technical mumbo jumbo. No analysis of the posterior chain and it’s activation through a full range of motion. Just some drills to get your blood pumping and your muscles aching.

Get to it Ya’ll!

Aaron Moody

Twitter: @XzenFitness

Round 1

Complete each column as a set. The first set will comprise of 12 reps per exercise. The second set will be 10 reps. The third will be 12 again. Once you have completed a column for all three sets, take a minute rest and move onto the next column.

  1. Press Ups            4. Dumbbell Clean and Press                       7. Mountain Climber Press Up
  2. Sit Ups                  5. Renegade Row                                             8. Squat Jump
  3. Squats                  6. Dumbbell Burpee                                        9. V-Sit

I.E. 12 Press ups, 12 Sit ups, 12 Squats. Then 10 Press ups, Sit ups, Squats. Then 12 again. After these are completed move onto exercises 4, 5 and 6.

Round 2

Complete the exercise for allotted time period with approximately 15 seconds rest between reps.

  1. Shuttle Sprints          4 minutes
  2. 5 Box jumps               4 minutes
  3. 5 Clean and Press     4 minutes
  4. Pull Ups (Max)          4 minutes

Round 3


Feel Free to play around with this final part of the circuit. You can pick any exercise that can be completed in a one on one off format. My suggestion would be

Farmers Walk with Dumbbells.

Complete until another step cannot be taken!


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