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Sitting at the dinner table, I know a rarity within itself these days. One end is the hungry fox (or should I say hare) and the other the turtle.  When it suddenly dawned on me that, not only is it the turtle that wins the endurance race but the turtle also dines with grace. This article is all about teaching you why you should take your time to dine.
Why or what on earth is this about, it is about chewing your food. Numerous studies have shown that chewing your food is a method to control calorie intake. Various studies found that those who chewed their food more frequently, ended up consuming fewer calories.
Did you know that it takes your body up to 20 minutes for your stomach to send messages to your brain that you are reaching the limit of your tank. Is it that simple, our bodies aren’t simple but a simple instruction or if you want to call it an intervention of ‘take your time to dine’ then you may experience the following:
Feeling of fullness for longer.
Increased uptake of nutrients from the food.
Fewer digestive issues such as bloating.
How to achieve:
Set your feeding tools down in between bites.
Take sips of water after every bite.
Eat meals with friends or family.
Spend time talking instead of being the hare with your food – it’s not a race to the finish line.
Relish the tang of your food.
Food is pleasurable it isn’t a chore.
Remember this won’t help you lose weight, it is simply a way to reduce the amount of food a person consumes. The studies have found that by eating too quickly, people may not give their bodies time to let the labyrinth of chemistry of the body work as effectively. The level of how chemistry works may vary but generally it follows the same path.
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