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The 4 biggest difficulties in maintaining health and fitness after lockdown!

The vast majority of people in lockdown had the breaks slammed on them. The usually busy and hectic lives of normal people literally halted!

Whereas before we got dragged from workday to workday clinging on for grim death and, just prior to lockdown, at often fever pitch, we suddenly had time to enjoy ourselves and spend time with family. We also had the threat of a potentially life-threatening airborne virus!

Suddenly we couldn’t live at the edge of our physiological limits refusing to acknowledge the fact that at any time nature could throw a curveball and we needed our health to fight off whatever came at us!

Equally some of realised that we couldn’t play with our kids, pets or climb that favourite hill on our once favourite walk or run. Watch the video or read on to find out the amazing event that took place in lockdown and the 4 things that now threaten us being able to keep it!

“You’re supported every step of the way by a team that takes the time to understand your goals, personal struggles and much, much more.”


“I love this gym. It has made me stronger and fitter and the atmosphere in the place is one of support and friendship.”


“The atmosphere at FF is a warm, friendly and wonderfully supportive community. I do not feel judged but encouraged by everyone.”


The Transformation:

After we all got trapped inside our houses my immediate reaction was that this was going to make the chronic lifestyle disease and just general health that much worse.

Then the government did something unexpected and allowed the daily exercise outings. Faced with no other options for leaving the house suddenly people I never would have seen previously started to see the benefits of exercise.

This, in turn, led to an increase in awareness of how this newfound fitness improved quality of life. People could play with their kids, chase their dogs and go for longer and further walks. Chronically stressed people like myself were able to shut off for the first time and just enjoy time with their families.

It was truly remarkable to see the transformation in peoples health.

The Problem:

Lockdown ended! Suddenly we are being whipped back to the office. We are being told to go back to our long office hours, no more remote working and time with the family. Back to the stress!

Most of us are back at it and we are at risk of suddenly sacrificing all the health we built up and, so far, We have seen 40 people come to our studio telling us that isn’t going to happen!

However, some of the people who are just joining all expressed the same issues and, the vast likelihood is, you might be facing these issues too!

So, I am going to list out the problems we are seeing that are causing people to struggle with maintaining their health and fitness after lockdown!

“I’ve been with Faultless Fitness for four weeks, and I could not be happier. It feels as if I have a solid plan in place, one which will absolutely get me the results I want..”


“Faultless Fitness’s scientific approach to nutrition and exercise has improved my outlook to life entirely.  I am feeling more positive and motivated to train.”


“The attention, support and knowledge I received from Faultless Fitness from the get-go was incredible. I am no longer obsessed by the number on the scales.”


1. Finding Time

This one is difficult. Right now I am exactly in the same boat. The business has opened up again and I am blowing off cobwebs and putting new processes in place after upgrading all of our services. The pressure is on and I haven’t managed more than one training session a week! I am back on the 80-hour train and trying to find the time to train is hard… OR… IS IT?

There are plenty of times I am sat there during the day and I could be training for 45 minutes to an hour. Definitely at least 3 more spaces in my week that I could find the time. It’s just, no one is there to make me! I can train whenever I want but I don’t have to commit to anyone, I don’t have to tell anyone I’m going to be there, I don’t have anyone checking on me to make sure I am training.

It is exponentially more difficult to motivate myself knowing that it’s just me that knows I’m supposed to be training and, right now, all I want to do is sit still.

2. Knowing What To Eat

You’ll see in the video that I find this one a bit funny. This has to be a line I hear every day on the NASH Advanced Nutrition System and NASH Transformation System: “I didn’t know what to eat!”. Ok, so when I told the same person that Ben & Jerry’s probably wasn’t the right choice at 11 pm at night and they say they know, it always leaves me confused.

The problem isn’t so much we don’t know what to not eat or what we should be eating, but its all the other things that go with it. What your really saying is I don’t know what, when, why and how I should be eating AND because I don’t know all those things I’m going to get anxious and try and eat something that makes me feel good.

The problem is, very few people in the UK are actually qualified in evidence-based nutrition. There are lots of Fad diets, lots of crash diets, lots of consultant gurus that seem to sell a small fortune of products that have a temporary effect but… its very hard to find a practitioner that actually can take you through a structured process.

Pair this with the off the shelf nutrition programs like weight watchers and slimming world that aren’t designed to be synergised with exercise and that leads to even bigger problems later down the line.

3. Where is Safe?

This gets broken down really into three categories:

A) Where is safe because I have a medical condition?

Even pre-COVID19 we had literally 70% of the people that came to us suffering from a pre-existing medical condition. It is so prevalent now that most consultations I assume until proven healthy that the client in front of me will have additional safety considerations. The issue is that the rest of the industry is set up to be high volume, low cost and low-quality service. Low paid staff and low qualified staff. So if you turn up at the local gym you are going to get a majority of trainers with no idea of how to look after someone with a list of co-morbidities. What is the one thing these people need? Supervised Exercise! What is the one thing they’re struggling to get access to? supervised exercise!

B) Where can I go that has a non-intimidating safe learning atmosphere?

This is probably the single biggest factor that affects the people that I see join us down at Faultless Fitness on the NASH PT System. Whenever people have gone into a gym to try and help themselves get out of their rut, some meathead or narcissist stares, makes comments or smirks. It is one reason why I can’t work in normal gyms anymore because I kept getting told off for kicking them out! The facilities should follow our examples and be a place for learning and personal growth and a supportive community. Not the dross that’s been allowed to continue for too long. I’m quite passionate about this particular one because it stops good people getting the right help and that’s infuriating. Even since conception, our facility has been no tolerance for this kind of thing and it’s why our average age group is middle-aged users.

C) Where is safe from COVID19?

This is a new one for us. Basically if your feeling vulnerable about your health and fitness already, the last thing you want to be worried about is contracting COVID whilst trying to improve it! With normal gyms being set up to manage high volumes of clients for minimal input it leaves questions about how do they intend to manage the risk. 

4. I Don’t Know What to Do!

Even if you get through the other 3 problems, this one is a deal-breaker – EVERY TIME! Let’s say you find somewhere that feels safe and unintimidating, lets say you find some nutrition advice you can follow that’s sustainable and accurate and let’s say you manage to dedicate some time 2-4 times a week and someone to kick you out the house and hold you accountable. You get to the gym and then what?

This is the single biggest excuse that I hear and it is the 100% most debilitating problem – and that’s simply because it’s 100% fair. You wouldn’t perform surgery on yourself after watching a video on youtube, you would get a surgeon. You wouldn’t rewire your house after reading a “men’s electricity” magazine, you would get an electrician. So, why does the health industry expect you to walk into a gym and inflict micro-trauma to yourself in the right dose with no prior knowledge, not hurt yourself so badly you don’t recover and get injured and we equally expect you to do just enough trauma with just the right amount of skill and knowledge to elicit adaptations your after – There is a reason I’ve read two degrees and a number of courses/accreditations to make sure I do this right!

For me, this is the game stopper excuse. This is a fair and honest excuse and it is the biggest cause, that defeats all of the others, for people not being able to maintain, or even start, their health and fitness after lockdown.

  Now lets read on to find out what we can do to kick them into touch!

Are these problems ringing a bell yet?

Maybe its time to get them out of your way!

The Solution

So, having faced these problems for the last 5 years with clients made up of athletes, businessmen and women, in a 1-to-1 environment, I had utilised my training as a sports & exercise scientist to generate a framework that meant I could put athletes from injury into an “age group” Team GB jersey or I could also take clients suffering from chronic lifestyle-related disease and turn it around for them through a mixture of Nutrition and lifestyle changes, we could reduce the need for medication and increase client quality of life.

Taking the framework I was able to develop it and upgrade it over 5 years and make it available to people who were ill already or to people who couldn’t afford the big-ticket PT training. This became the NASH PT System and is only superseded in quality by the NASH Transformation system!

The NASH Pt System is made up of several components each designed to eradicate the problems experienced by people mentioned above:

1) Basic Nutrition System

This system is a streamlined version of our NASH Advanced Nutrition system. The NASH PT System provides a nutrition module that allows you to track carbs, protein, fats and calories! We also help set up the calorie goals and macro ratios so you know your nutrition is evidence-based and sustainable. We can also give you basic feedback to keep you on track!

2) Group PT Coaching

With a 1:8 ratio of coaches to clients, we can spread the cost of a PT session out across multiple clients and make the sessions much more accessible to everyone. However, whilst our competitors would sacrifice the quality of the programs to achieve this 95% of ou clients rate our sessions better than any previous 1-to-1 sessions they’ve ever had! In all sessions, you will have a coach there to guide you through, keep you safe and make sure you are doing everything right.

3) Health & Fitness Appraisal

So, this is where we deep dive into your situation. To make sure whatever we get you is specific to you, we spend a few days in your first week figuring out your current state of health, fitness and strength. This means we do a quick biometric assessment for weight, body fat and muscle for example. Then we do a strength battery to assess your body’s capacity to generate and contain force. This also checks how proficient you are in the gym so we can prescribe the right level difficulty for you later. Lastly, we see how fit you are on one of our “pro-grade” wattbikes.

4) Personal Exercise Programming

Here we take the results from the Health & Fitness Appraisal and write specific personal exercise programs for you at the right intensity and difficulty of technique. Your plan will be updated regularly and if we need to change something in session the coach will spot it and do it for you there. This means you will know exactly what you need to do and don’t have to worry about what plans you should be doing. It is all done for you – you just have to do the exercise part!

5) Community

This part was designed with behaviour change psychology in mind and has become one of the most important parts since lockdown ended! We have a fully private and internal online community that allows everyone to support each other and learn together. The clients nicknamed it last year the #FaultlessFamily and since then they have bonded over terrorising me and have helped each other all get through the ups and downs of getting fit and healthy! Post-Lockdown this has given us all the social aspect we have all been missing!

6) Safety

Obviously, right now with COVID being around, safety is highly important! Luckily, I am currently doing my medical training as a Physician Associate. This exposure to the medical world means that I have been able to appraise the risks of COVID in our studio and port over the relevant clinical safeguards to raise our safety levels to that way above the normal standards expected in fitness facilities.

A Limited time Treat, just for you!

If this is something that has got you excited then I want you on board! You won’t find a more comprehensive program anywhere else as these systems are truly market-leading!

So, for sticking with me this far, I am going to give you a special upgrade! If you sign up today then I am going to upgrade you from the NASH PT System to the NASH Transformation System… FOR FREE

All you have to do is click the link below to secure your place on either the 2-days/week, 4-days/week or Online Only system! 

Discover how the Nash Advanced Nutrition System can unlock your transformation!

Discover how the Nash Advanced Nutrition System can unlock your transformation!

submit your details now to receive all the info you need to get started on our short Advanced nutrition course and 6 months of coaching to get you on track!

Request Received! We will be in touch shortly!

Discover how the Nash4-week Momentum Kickstarter System can boost your confidence and improve your health!

Discover how the Nash4-week Momentum Kickstarter System can boost your confidence and improve your health!

submit your details now to receive all the info you need to get started on our 4-week online bodyweight health and fitness program!

Request Received! We will be in touch shortly!

Discover how the Nash4-week Momentum Kickstarter System can boost your confidence and improve your health!

Discover how the Nash4-week Momentum Kickstarter System can boost your confidence and improve your health!

submit your details now to receive all the info you need to get started on our 4-week online bodyweight health and fitness program!

Request Received! We will be in touch shortly!

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