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After years of studying and testing I can finally say I have cracked the code on health and fitness. I have found the VERY best workout ever and THE best nutrition plan for every goal. Here goes………..

Lift Heavy – Eat Natural

That’s it.

Keep it simple.

Pick a plan and stick to it.

This article may not be the one for you if you’re looking for a miracle diet or training plan. If that’s not what you’re here for then please read on.

How many times have you read the newest and fastest way to get strong, get lean and get fit, only to try it for a week or 2 before moving onto the next best way?

There are some pretty awesome training plans on the Faultless site but how many of you actually stick to them? How about the nutrition advice? I bet you read it, try it for 3 days then go back to your old plan, right? I know I have. Have you ever tried sticking to one? And figuring it out for yourself? Be your own guinea pig?

The basic principles never change. Want to get strong? Put some heavy waits on your back and get your ass down to the floor and back up again, do some fast running, pull yourself up a few times, swing some stuff, pick up something heavy. Do 10 sets of 10 or 5 sets of 5. I don’t really care just lift heavy, leave  nothing in the gym, eat some proper food then rest and do it again

Stop searching for THE best workout. There isn’t one.

Stop trying to be fast, fit, lean, drop body fat, gain muscle and run a marathon all in one go. Pick one or two and give it your all. Don’t try to chase 2 rabbits because you probably won’t catch any, chase one and you stand a chance .

Stay consistent for at least 4-6 weeks or you will never find the one that works for you. Give it your all and when you plateau change it.

Nutrition is no different, paleo, intermittent fasting, carb cycling, 5/2 – they all work. They follow the same basic principle – eat natural whole foods but you have to be consistent.

Just understand there is no magic diet or training plan. The magic happens when you stick with a plan and give it your all, leave nothing behind in the gym and don’t put any crap in your mouth.

Stop searching for an easier option. There isn’t one. Work hard and eat natural foods. You will see results.

Go and find a cool workout that you like on the site and some good nutrition advice then put it into practice……GO!

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