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Here’s something to think about for any trainers out there. Have you ever had one of those clients? You know the lazy ones, the ones who won’t follow your plan, won’t train regularly and it doesn’t matter what you say or how many times you tell them they must not want it bad enough they just don’t get it. Have you personally experienced it yourself? You really really want to get beach ready for the summer but you just can’t say no the bottle of vino and bowl of ice cream on a Friday night? It is time to train your brain.

Here’s something for you to ponder:

  1. You can’t out train a bad diet (you knew that already though?)
  2. You can’t out diet a bad mindset (maybe you knew this too)
  3. You can’t out mindset a brain response (hopefully you don’t know this)

Here’s what I mean by brain response – Fight,flight or freeze, you’ve all heard of this I’m sure.

Well here’s where the brain stuff comes in – While we are under threat our ability to make logical decisions are affected to the point where we simply can’t do it, the part of the brain that thinks about the future is inhibited and the part of the brain that deals with emotions and the now is in full flow. Here’s a simple example. Brain wants ice cream because you had a bad day at work, the part of the brain responsible for planning the future would say “don’t eat it you’re going on holiday in 6 weeks and you wana look sexy as hell on the beach”, the emotional part of your brain says “eat it, you feel crap and I want you to feel better NOW!”

So if you are overwhelmed with threat which could manifest itself in many forms (relationship stress, money issues, bad job, etc) then you got a slim chance of making logical decisions, not only relating to body composition but in life in general.

Here’s the good news. The brain likes predictability, whether that means it knows you eat ice cream on a Friday night to de-stress or whether you have a nice bath with all the candles and girly stuff it doesn’t really care, it just wants to know what you are doing.

Another simple way to reduce threat is turn require goals into desire goals. Basically anything except food, oxygen, shelter and water are desire goals, things that we would like to have or to happen but which are not going to kill us if we don’t achieve them.

Here are some easy take away tips if you want to work with your brain instead of against it:

  • The brain loves predictability. Plan and prepare all your meals and don’t let the emotional brain choose them.
  • Turn your requirements into desirements (may have made that word up but you know what I mean)
  • Reduce threat bit by bit
  • Find the level that is at the right pace for you to achieve your goals. Not too fast not too slow
  • Have a crystal clear intent as to why you want to achieve a certain goal

Please feel free to share and send any questions my way 🙂


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