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After months of work that I hope I never have to do again I have finally got the new and improved site unveiled for you! I am sure I could stick the development of, what started, as a blog into a fully fledged business, with a brand new website, in the health and fitness section as an example of how to not be fit and healthy!

However, now that we are up and running again it gives me no greater pleasure than to welcome you to FaultlessFitness.com!

We are back but we have some amazing new changes that will rock your world. We have a new team, artwork, features and drive to make sure that you, our readers, get the most from us.

Two major new features are the gym and personal trainers listings. These allow your local gyms, clubs and dojos to come onto the site and post a bit about themselves so that you guys can find them easier. The personal trainers sections is a directory that allows any personal trainer to sign up and post their details and a bit about themselves so that anyone on the site looking for some personal training can find them.

Bare in mind its early days for the site so, if something breaks in the next few days, we will have it fixed and your favourite new health and fitness site will be up and running by the end of the day!

Welcome Back guys!

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Join our Waiting list

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