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Over the past 7 weeks I have taken to my facebook and every week posted a progress snap. After six months off due to injury I was finally catalysed into getting into shape when I wrote this article about running! A few weeks after writing the article I watched the performance lab video and didn’t recognise the little porker killing himself on the treadmill (it was a fatter & unhealthier version of myself). It was time to do something. I kicked off into action and got back into a shape I am relatively happy with. However, what did happen was a stream of people got in touch asking what diet I had used? What diet should they use? What diets work?

All of the people who contacted me told me how they had tried to go on a diet following some star or some fad and they had been going well but all of a sudden just found they couldn’t do it anymore and wanted to know what diet was best. They felt really bad because they had wrapped and given up; probably helping themselves to some Ben and Jerry’s to make themselves feel better along the way (I know I do). However, and I will probably take a lot of flack for this, it isn’t their fault it was who ever told them to use that diet.

Having knocked about with the hundreds of personal trainers, fitness coaches and S&C coaches that I meet regularly it is clear that these guys know what diet, or diets, are/is best for your bodies. They go on all sorts of courses and learning curves that would make your eyes water at the knowledge they have. What this leaves them with is the perfect concoction to give you the perfect body. However, as a personal trainer they see the end goal and how to get you there fastest and this is for good reason. A lot of the time, in a commercial environment, if a client doesn’t see results fast then they assume their personal trainer is gash and move on. So personal trainers have to work hard to keep their clients and to be seen to give results.

However, much like a personal trainer wouldn’t give you an advanced super human personal trainer workout on day 1, a lot forget that nutrition actually is much like this too. When it comes to what diet you should be on, to start off with, my answer is none. The reasoning and logic is as follows. When a heroine addict comes off heroine they don’t go cold turkey. They are given methadone to ween onto. They are then weened off that, because it is easier to do than weening straight from heroine to nothing (not talking from personal experience so may have the name of the drugs involved wrong but the principle still stands (but I am pretty sure I am right in this case)).

I try to achieve a similar thing when I alter peoples diets. Sure, I could work out your macros and restrict food types or put you on some fad diet but when your brain and body are used to certain things to release dopamine you are more or less hooked on them. You try and cold turkey on carbs and your going to massively struggle. I have not met one person who on day 1 of fitness starting went cold turkey and didn’t fall off the wagon within 3 weeks.

So if you are thinking “What Diet should I use to start then?” this is how I try to do it with my friends:

  1. Spread out your meal times. The first thing I do is spread out your meal times to 3 hours apart.
  2. Eat 5-6 times a day. No this doesn’t mean maccies large portions 6 times daily. It means you will have meals 3 hours apart and they will be as follows:
    1. Breakfast (oats, porridge, omelette, etc)
    2. Protein Shake
    3. Lunch (wraps, salad, etc)
    4. Protein Shake
    5. Dinner (medium meal)
    6. Nightcap (if your awake 3 hours after dinner have a protein shake like casein)
  3. Only eat food you have made. This is the only rule I have (apart from the shakes). You cannot eat something you haven’t made yourself. This doesn’t mean go hand rear a cow but just don’t eat pre-made food. Make your wraps or meals yourself.
  4. DONT cut out any food groups (unless your allergic to them). This means you can eat moderate amounts of carbs, fats and protein.
  5. Keep meal portions medium! Don’t go crazy keep your portions to medium size meals. The meals shouldn’t make you feel stuffed just enough to keep you going for three hours.

That is the diet I have been using and I have dropped from around 18 to around 12% body fat in 4 weeks. By doing the above you keep yourself on a diet that is sustainable and still tasty. You also reduce the amount of visceral and adipose fat you build up from meals and you also make sure you have enough fuel to burn while exercising. This will also speed up recovery between sessions and reduce muscle breakdown.

Protein supplements don’t make you huge all they do is give your body enough building bricks to make you heal between sessions. If you want to get big then you have to train right. Remember, this will help you loose body fat but to really get the best out of this it needs to be coupled with a good fitness programme. this diet was designed for myself and in conjunction with a medium volume training programme. If you need help with this or want to know the plan I am using then ping me over a comment.

If you would like any help with this then please feel free to call us on the shop number and I’ll be happy to talk you through anything!

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