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Sports therapy is specifically concerned with the treatment of pain, prevention of injury, and rehabilitation of a patient back to optimum levels of functional, occupational and sports specific fitness, regardless of age and ability. Sports therapy utilizes a variety of techniques to have an impact on soft tissue, joints, posture and functional movement patterns.


Do you need to play a sport to benefit from sports therapy?

In short, no. The techniques used can be applied to improve functionality in day-to-day activities. Everyday movements put stress on the body, much the same as playing sport does, these stressors can manifest in dysfunction or pain. Whether you sit at a desk, play a team sport, are on your feet all day, are training for a marathon or want to support a busy lifestyle, regular treatment will ease and prevent pain allowing you to live life to the fullest.


How can sports therapy improve my performance?

By having regular appointments with your therapist, you can ensure that your body is functioning optimally, reducing your risk of injury, allowing you to train with consistency. Additionally, regular maintenance treatments will reduce your recovery time, allowing you to train with more intensity. 

Your sports therapist will work with you to ascertain your performance goals, but they will be able to assist with increasing range of motion, specific to your sport, through advanced stretching techniques, increasing efficiency of musculoskeletal and joint function as well as taking care of your body pre and post event.


What is the value of sports therapy?

The main goal of sports therapy is to eradicate pain and discomfort, in as few sessions as possible whilst also targeting and fixing the root cause of the problem but your treatment does not start and end in the therapy room. Before you visit us, we will arrange a telephone consultation, when we will take the time to understand your individual case, offer advice that may help you to take steps towards reducing your pain straight away and talk you through a potential treatment plan. On your first visit, your therapist will carry out a full, detailed assessment ensuring that your treatment is safe and tailored to your specific needs. After your treatment, you will be provided with exercises and stretches to continue the healing process and your therapist will always be available to answer questions via phone or email.


Is sports therapy the right choice for you?

If you have any of the symptoms below, sports therapy techniques will help;

  • Pain (back, shoulder, knee, neck, hip etc.)
  • Discomfort or a ‘niggle’ anywhere in the body
  • Stress
  • A recent, old or recurring injury


Alternatively if you are an athlete, or partake in sport and exercise as a hobby, In:Motus can assist with:

  • Performance optimisation and injury prevention
  • Rehabilitation and return to training program


A visit to a sports therapist can be one of the quickest ways to get you back to optimal health. If you still aren’t sure if this is the right style of treatment for you, send us a message and Rosie will get back to you as soon as possible. ​​


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